- You’ve finished various advanced training courses, but don’t know how to put the gained knowledge into practice.

- You can cut qualitatively, but don’t know what else you can offer to clients.

- You have a lot of ideas, but don’t know how you can carry them out professionaly.

- You’re a good barber and the quality of your work is really high, but the client leaves dissatisfied.

You’re doing your job perfectly, but you spend too much time on one client.

«You should try to solve your professional problems by thinking outside of the box», thinks the master of his craft Pavel Leinin.

Digging into cozy, friendly and creative atmosphere with the beat of «DeepHouse» in convenient and well equipped «GOLDEN HANDS PL» studio you will both have a rest and work, synthesizing productive process of training together!

It’s not an ordinary training - it’s a creative meeting, which is focused on your professional growth and development of your thinking as a barber! It’s a meeting, which will open something new and useful for everyone!

We will discuss core aspects of the successful barber’s work:

  • welcoming and good service of the client;
  • psychology of communication and behavior with the client;
  • analysis of specific features in client’s appearance;
  • choosing of suitable technology, tools and cosmetics for an ideal cut and styling, and also beard cut;
  • optimization of working hours of the barber.

Correct education will allow to increase motivation of the barber, to increase number of happy clients and it will, certainly, increase your income.